Northern Potter School District

Agriculture Education:
Ms. Lacy Miles

Art Education:
Ms. Deborah Rutkowski

English Education:
Mrs. Marcia Wheeler

Mrs. Karen Wolfinger
Mrs. Tammy Woolgar

Foreign Language Education:
Ms. Brittany Harold

Learning Support/Inclusion Education:
Mr. Justin Hoven
Mrs. Lori Szymanik

School Librarian Media Specialist and
Dean of Students Grades 7-12:
Mrs. Amanda Butler

Mathematics Education:
Mr. Matthew Doud
Dr. Brian McCorkle

Music Education:
Mr. Donald Trenn

Health and Physical Education:
Mrs. Dawn Bieser
Mr. Jeff Barber

Science Education:
Mrs. Melanie Acker
Mrs. Georgia McCutcheon

Social Studies Education:
Ms. Brittany Gorrell
Mr. Chad Haskins

School Counselor:
Mr. Kevin Roessner

School Nurse:
Mrs. Martha Pennell