Northern Potter School District

K4 Teachers:

Miss Lisa Baker
Mrs. Daphne Zelinka

Kindergarten Teachers:
Mrs. Darla Kosa
Mrs. Joan Martin

Grade One Teachers:
Mrs. Nicole Daniels
Mrs. Theresa Graves

Grade Two Teachers:
Mrs. Wendy Hamilton
Mrs. Jessica Knowles

Grade Three Teachers:
Mrs. Angela Lewis
Miss Mary Kitch

Grade Four Teachers:
Mrs. Jocelin Hoven
Miss Tracy Weiss

Little Middle School Teachers
Mrs. Tina Misner
Mrs. Jaime Slawson
Mrs. Casey Cady
Mr. Jared Davis

Special Teachers:
Mr. Jeff Barber ~ Physical Education; Grades K4-8 PE
Mrs Lovina Cornish- K4-6 Music
Mrs. Laura Bryant ~ K4-6 Library; Enrichment
Mrs. Robyn Smelko ~ Art Education; Enrichment

Guidance Counselor:
Mrs. Cindy Cowburn

Learning Support/Life Skills Support Teachers:
Mrs. Veronica Hunt ~ Learning Support

Ms. Jessica Chaffee ~ Autism
Mrs. Wendy Bailey ~ Learning Support 

Ms. Rachael Paladino ~K-6 Multiple Handicapped and Learning Support

School Nurse:
Martha Pennell

Northern Potter Children's School

NPCS Provides, is a full-day, 5-day week program for K4 and K5 (4 and 5 year olds born by September 1), as well as an average class size of 17 to 1 learner to teacher ratio.  Also, there are weekly classes in Art, Library, Guidance, and Physical Education.

Northern Potter Children's School offers many special events including; open house, parent-teacher conferences, Thanksgiving Day lunch, family literacy nights, field days, 2nd grade farm Fridays , and field trips for K4-6th graders, as well as Senior High and Student Government sponsored events such as fun festivals, dances, and movie nights for K4-6th.

Additionally there is a student government for 5th-6th graders, enrichment programs, intramurals and clubs for 4th,5th,and 6th graders. Their Music Department features chorus for 4th,5th,and 6th graders and band and instrument lessons for 5th and 6th graders.


A slideshow of students here

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